stable table bases
We build and supply table bases for the hospitality industry. How to know it is a Pohl table base? If it wiggles, it is none.

stays stable.

Stable for generations.

We have been around since 1947 and manufacturing in Wels for just as long. And everything we build is made to last forever.

Stable quality standards.

Our plans, our production, our know-how – all from a single source. If it says Pohl outside, the inside will be Austrian quality – down to the last detail.

Stable delivery service.

We know how to build table bases. And we know what’s important: That your table bases are where you need them when you need them. And in perfect quality.

Stable design colors.

We can produce our metal table bases in any RAL color. In addition to the rich RAL color pallet, we offer an exciting range of special coatings, such as Tiger Coatings. All applied in-house, of course.


TG-510 and more
Product details
“On the one hand, our furniture needs to meet our high design standards. On the other hand, it has to be guest-proof. Many suppliers can offer one or the other. Pohl delivers on both. And absolutely reliably.”“
Thomas Berger
Sporthotel Wagrain
TG-5175 and more
Product details
“The products are high-quality and stable. The service is friendly, reliable, and fast. All I have to do is call Wels, and I get the answer I need in no time at all. What’s more, Pohl quality is simply a credit to our company.”“
Michael Dutzler
Dutzler Design

We build top-quality table bases with designs as timeless as they are practical. And everything we build is made to last forever. That’s why we are used to the fact that many customers only ever buy from us once. They use our table bases for generations in the hospitality industry.

Stable for generations
table bases.